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Dangerous Freedom

Image“The seminar was more than a breather, it was a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t a pep rally or a guilt fest focusing on ‘trying harder’ for Jesus. It was about resting in His grace. Grasping the grace and freedom of God truly does make us a danger to an ungodly world.”

“Pete was so on target with what he said. I have felt so dirty because of my family situation. As a result of the conference I have had a real breakthrough.”

The Dangerous Freedom seminar for men features the teaching of Key Life’s Vice President of Men’s Ministry, Pete Alwinson.

Why Aren’t Men Free?

All men seek to be real men, but most of us are not intentionally developed into manhood by godly men. The result? Men unconsciously write their own code of manhood and follow it rigorously…

…but it’s a flawed code that excludes God and His great plan for His sons. Meaning well, we often end up in prisons that bar us from truly becoming men, hurting ourselves and our loved ones in the process.

The good news of the Gospel of Grace is that because of Jesus, men of all ages can get out of those prisons and develop into real men with a real Father who will invest Himself into developing them every day of their lives.

Seminar Schedule

Session 1: What Men Really Want
The risks men take to be men, the gigantic dilemma we face in becoming men, and writing our own code of manhood which influences our life every day. Good news for our journey into manhood.

Session 2&3: Men Behind Bars
What life can do to a man: Because our world is broken, there are many roadblocks which keep men from becoming true men. We discuss these roadblocks in this seminar, and the 12 most common prisons men find themselves in which keep them from the Father’s plan for them.

Session 4: Becoming Dangerously Free
Before starting out on the right road to manhood, we have to first get out of our prisons. Here is where we learn to get out of our prisons so we can live free as men of God.

Session 5&6: Dangerous Manhood According to Jesus
Men find out what their real identity is now because they’re Christians. From this new position, we begin our lifelong study of Jesus as the model of true manhood. The end of this seminar is the beginning of a new life of being a man!

For scheduling and more information call 1-800-KEY LIFE.

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