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Spend one minute a week with Steve Brown by downloading our You Think About That podcast to your computer! You Think About That is a 1 minute "micro-devotional" that gets your week started off right. They are heard on hundreds of radio stations around the country, and are a great introduction to Steve for the uninitiated. Simply copy and paste this url into iTunes or another podcasting application and weekly You Think About That will be downloaded to your computer automatically, absolutely free of charge. You don't even have to "think about that" until you listen to his words of wisdom for the day!

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Maybe you'd prefer to spend 15 minutes a day with Steve instead of just one. We've got you covered there as well with the free Key Life podcast! Also heard on hundreds of stations, Steve's in depth Bible study will inform not only your day but your life as well.

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What is podcasting you ask? Well, in short, it's a way to get the mp3 files of the broadcast or the You Think About That automatically downloaded to your computer each day. From there you could transfer them to your iPod (if you have one) or other mp3 player or just listen to them right on the computer. The easiest way to get podcasts is by downloading iTunes from the Apple website (it's a free download for Windows or Mac). If you wish to learn more about podcasting in general, the wikipedia entry on podcasting is excellent. | 1-800-KEY-LIFE
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